REAL SpiderWeb Pendants

 INTO THE MYSTIC.  This outstanding spiderweb pendant is made of a REAL spider web.  1.5″ round, this  glass domed Spiderweb Pendant has a decorative bezelis with an antique silver finish and comes with a 24″ chain.

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Pendants made from REAL spiderwebs?  Abolutely!  Did you ever see a spider web outside glistening with dew, catching the sun and think, “That’s an amazing work of art!”  Well, Charlie Good thought the same and through many trials (and errors!), he developed a technique to capture and preserve a real spider web and then, preserve it even further under glass.

Proprietary powdered pigments are used to coat the sticky web, and contrasting backing seals the web under the glass.

Whether the spider web is carefully encased in a glass dome pendant or under a wall-hanging glass bevel, it really captures this unique work of art.

This ONE OF A KIND! work of art has been captured and preserved for whatever occasion you wish to conjure up.

Don’t worry though; no spiders were harmed in the process.