Master Healer & Master Hypnotist


Gifted Reiki Master

“Mary McCandless is truly a gifted Reiki Therapist and Reiki Master. The knowledge of energy and healing that Mary clearly possesses is solidified in her wonderful treatments.” BG

Intuitive Wisdow

“Your intuitive wisdom, healing hands and tender loving care are such a gift at so many levels …physically, emotionally and energetically.” NM

Profound Relaxation

“I have never felt such a profound sense of relaxation as I experienced during my Hypnosis session.” GB

Thanks For Being You

“I think about you often and am thankful that I was introduced to you and am grateful that you could help me so much during such a horrific period during my life. You are a beautiful, wonderful, loving, compassionate infectious (happy) woman and I am glad to know you. Thanks for being you and for everything you have given me. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.” BA

Thank You For Your Gift

“After you treated me, I started feeling better and better. Your support and energy meant a lot to me. Thank you for that gift. So many beautiful things happened this morning and for me, you were a part of it.” JP

Warm & Friendly Manner

“Who would have thought hypnotic relaxation would help a problem with bladder leakage!  It works and has made a big difference for me.  Mary’s warm and friendly manner quickly put me at ease and willing to trust her with hypnosis.” BB

Can’t Say Enough

“Can’t say enough about how happy I have been with my sessions with Mary. Experienced immediate pain and anxiety relief after hypnosis and reiki. Mary is a truly gifted healer with experience in many modalities allowing her to customize the experience to individual needs. She is my first call when sciatica acts up, IBS is flared up or need to be grounded a clear during difficult times. Her spirit and energy are frankly…amazing!” ST

Warm & Comforting

“Her voice is warm and comforting and now, I take her with me wherever I go. Her Sweet Dreams CD does the trick every time.” LL

Magic Hands

“Mary with her ‘magic hands’ provides immeasurable soothing and healing. Her knowledge of body mind and spirit is only surpassed by her incredible willingness to help others.” CG

Eliminated the Pain

“My sciatica was really bad and Mary helped to eliminate the pain. She has definitely has a gift for healing.” RJ

Mary Helped Me Through

“Mary is AMAZING! She helped me through physical ailments, emotional trauma and even got me started with hypnobirthing. Amazing woman with amazing talent.” ST

Safe, Calm & Comfortable

“As soon as you’re in Mary’s vicinity you feel safe, calm and comfortable. Her warmth radiates through you. Mary has helped me through some really tough emotional and physical times using whatever methods she saw fit depending on the day. It’s not all black and white and she gets that. I highly recommend Mary to anybody who needs help with… pretty much anything.” SM

Feeling Focused & Aligned

“After a treatment, I feel focused, aligned, and very much in touch with my intuitive self.” LR

Calmed By Her Peaceful Energy

“When I initially met Mary I was immediately calmed by her peaceful energy. There seems to be a brightness that follows her, or surrounds her.” BL

Peaceful Calmness

“The first thing I noticed, again, was the peaceful calmness that came over me during the Reiki treatment and the warmth that came through Mary’s hands. Chronic pain that I had for too many years to mention seemed to vanish and has not been back.” BG

Relief From Stress & Daily Noise

“Reiki with Mary not only provides instant relaxation and relief from stress and daily noise, is also a treatment that gives you an indicator of where your body functioning is at and it unwraps in the weeks that follow, providing insight and a long lasting, positive effect.” FF

My Honour

“It has been an honour working and growing with Mary and I am grateful that she has entered my life. She is the most warm hearted, sensitive and caring person one can meet. Mary is an amazing healer and a fantastic hypnotist.” Peter Fink, BCH, PhD, Master Hypnotist and Teacher

Completely Rested

“I tried Reiki for the first time a few years ago, while dealing with a variety of emotional and physical issues. After only an hour, I felt completely rested and yet physically alert and calm, as though a large weight had been lifted.” RD

Each Treatment Is A Gift

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Mary for the beautiful spirit you are and for your wonderful Reiki sessions. Each treatment is a gift of deep healing and love for me.I gain wonderful insights from my experiences with you and always leave with a better understanding of what my body has been trying to tell me. I feel so peaceful and more balanced after a treatment. You help me to let go and allow myself to receive in such a nurturing and healing way. You help me to learn more about my own healing ways. You are a Master Healer in every way and I am so grateful that you are a part of my life and support team.” NM

Master of Various Healing Methods

“Mary McCandless is a Master of various healing methods including Hypnosis, Spiritual Healing and Reiki. Her studio (in her home) is a calm and welcoming environment that helps anxieties melt away as soon as you enter it. Mary is just as welcoming, and puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. She is talented and wonderful to work with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!” ON

Relaxed for Surgery

“I suffer from white-coat hypertension and hate hospitals. I was about to have surgery and was beyond nervous. My treatment here was amazing. It brought my blood pressure down and I was relaxed to undergo my surgery. My post-op hypnosis was excellent as well and I am well on the road to recovery without anxiety. Thank you.”

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