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National Guild of Hypnotists ~ Certified Consulting Hypnotist Course

I am thrilled that Mary is bringing her life and spiritual skills to teaching hypnosis - and add in her humor and warmth and you’ve chosen a terrific teacher - smart you! - Georgina Cannon, 

International Certified Consulting Hypnotist of National Guild of HypnotistsBecome an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist, with Master Hypnotist and Certified NGH Instructor, Mary McCandless, through Zoom.  It will change your life and the life of others. Learn how to help others use the power of their mind, to release and re-frame feelings, fears and stress, enabling them to experience positive, lasting changes in their lives.

This fun and fascinating class will teach you the tools necessary to use hypnosis to help yourself and your clients in smoking cessation, weight control, stress management, self esteem, pain management, goal setting techniques and much more.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) is the world’s oldest and largest association for professional consulting hypnotists.

Importance of actual practice in an environment that was so hopeful and positive, made this course highly worthwhile. Mary McCandless is wise, patient and has a keen eye for focusing on what is important. I would not hesitate to continue to study under Mary.  C.W.

Learn hypnosis in an ethical and practical way with Master Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, Mary McCandless. This nine day accredited NGH course (100 hours ) of interactive learning is provided in a friendly, safe and relaxed environment. Levels One and Two of this course are given at the same time, so that you may begin your practice immediately upon graduation. On-going mentoring for all graduates is available at no additional cost.

You so far surpassed any preconceived expectations I had about what I would take away from this learning experience. I appreciate your guidance and continued mentoring. C.S.

The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Curriculum is designed to allow you to practice the classical approach to hypnosis. The course includes two 100-page workbooks for ongoing learning, CDs and DVDs, induction and testing scripts, Chevruel’s pendulum and:

  • How to test for suggestibility/hypnotizability
  • How to classify subjects
  • Favourable and unfavourable Influences
  • History of Hypnosis
  • How to develop rapport
  • How to hypnotize, deepen and test for depth of trance
  • Suggestion management
  • Self-hypnosis strategies
  • The many applications of hypnosis
  • Powerful inductions
  • How to decide which inductions to use based on the client’s needs
  • How to conduct your first session with a client
  • Behavioural assessment – goal setting – reinforcement
  • How to eliminate fears through systematic desensitization
  • Designing and teaching a self-hypnosis course
  • How to work with the law of attraction
  • Performance Enhancement techniques
  • Effective marketing and business strategies and materials
  • Legal considerations and much more…

To graduate and be certified, students need to pass a written and oral exam and submit four case studies. Upon completing these requirements, you will become an accredited member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Membership to this prestigious school has many benefits including:

    • Quality training and instructional materials
    • One year membership with the National Guild of Hypnotists
    • Subscription to The Journal of Hypnotism and The Hypnogram
    • Hypnosis Educational Conference
    • Availability of affordable malpractice insurance
    • Availability of group health insurance
    • Legislative updates and support
    • The “Hypno-Gram” quarterly newsletter
    • The “Journal of Hypnotism” quarterly magazine
    • Referrals through computer listings
    • Video and audio rental library for members
    • Local chapter networking and education
    • Continuing education programs
    • Professional services by a professional staff
    • Hotel/motel and auto rental discounts

Mary McCandless has been an excellent instructor. The class size was small and we all received very closely monitored instruction and advice.  The learning environment was relaxed and encouraging and I’m extremely pleased and confident with the instruction I received.  G.H.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must complete our registration application which is necessary for your tax receipt. A non-refundable registration fee of $250 must be paid at the time of application to secure your place in a class. PayPal, E-Transfer, Cheque or Cash is accepted.

Tuition fee includes all materials, pendulum, marketing tools, information CD’s, 1 year NGH membership and excellent practicing opportunities within the course. Tuition Fee is $2,500. A tax receipt will be offered.

Mary was a good instructor, allowing us opportunities to put into practice the many things we were learning. The learning environment was very supportive and with the best practices discussed, I feel totally confident in my abilities. Genny H.

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2024 Course Dates (Flexible)

JANUARY 5, 6, 7, 8                                                                       FEBRUARY 12, 13, 14, 15, 2024                                                                9:30 to 4:30  

Presently, Hypnosis classes are ongoing and are being taught through Zoom. If you are interested in the next session, please contact me to find the next opening which will fit your schedule. Questions are always welcomed.

Master Hypnotist, Mary McCandless is an active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor.  An active member of the International Board for Regression Therapy, Mary also teaches Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives.

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