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Mary McCandless
Mary McCandless
Georgina Cannon
Georgina Cannon

Master Hypnotist, Mary McCandless has over 18 years experience with Teaching and Clinical work with hypnosis.  Georgina Cannon has over 24 years in hypnosis teaching world wide both at the University of Toronto and in her own school and clinic.

Together they have formed Changing Lives Hypnosis; a centre for learning all modalities through hypnosis: habit change, NLP, spiritual hypnosis, and generally how to influence and change lives through the subconscious mind.

This new and exciting  platform will provide an opportunity to bring Georgina’s and Mary’s successful workshops together into a new environment.

Today and in the foreseeable future, Mary McCandless, will be facilitating all Basic and Advanced Certified Courses created by herself and Georgina Cannon, through Zoom worldwide.

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Endorsements for Mary McCandless

”Just finished a Hypnosis course with Mary and I have to say it's the best course that I've taken. Mary is a wonderful teacher who really strives to speak your language ...and succeeds, making the whole experience pleasant and rewarding especially for those of us who haven't been to any form of schooling in the past 10-20 years. I'm happy to have been taught by an amazing teacher.”
Anna Bradley, CH

“Importance of actual practice in an environment that was so hopeful and positive made this course highly worthwhile. Mary McCandless is wise, patient and has a keen eye for focusing on what is important. I would not hesitate to continue to study under Mary.”
Chris Wallace, CH,

“I’m deeply grateful to Mary for her knowledge and patience last summer as my hypnosis instructor. She helped me to expand on the skills I already had acquired and to build up my confidence as a Consulting Hypnotist. Not only did I learn more than I expected but I was blessed with enjoying a meaningful life journey with a beautiful soul. Thank you, Mary.”
Janice Dirkson, CH,

Endorsements for Georgina Cannon

“Georgina is a witty and fun teacher, I found it easy to learn and felt part of the group."
Denise Neill CI, East Coast Hypnosis

"The wisdom and shared wisdom gained anytime Georgina is teaching is invaluable.  I was able to get clarity in both purpose and material as well as plenty of practice and discussion."
Barb Cooper Level 5 Squash Coach. C.I. Toronto

"Very well-experienced instructor always takes care of the students! Clear explanations always the possibility to ask questions."
Bertrand Denis CI, Belgium

"The practice and feedback component was extremely valuable. I would recommend this course."
Dr. Christopher Bryniak, Psychiatrist, Guelph.

"Very thorough, informative, educational and rewarding transformative, inspiring and motivating."
Mathilda, Pharmacy Data Analyst, Oshawa, Ontario