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Mary McCandlessMy name is Mary McCandless and I am a natural or spiritual healer. As a holistic healer, I believe that imbalances can exist within a person, which could be physical in nature or the result of mental, emotional or spiritual experiences.

As a certified Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, Master Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Teacher, Practitioner of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing), Spiritual Healer, Reflexologist and Aromatherapist, I incorporate many different techniques into my healing practice and recognize the therapeutic benefits of colour and sound and the healing effects of crystals and gemstones.

As a Master Healer with a lifetime of experience, I can help your body begin to heal itself with natural treatments which will improve your well being and quality of life. As an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist or Master Hypnotist, I am able to help you use the power of your mind to release stress and re-frame feelings and fears, enabling you to experience positive, lasting changes in your life.

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  • "Mary McCandless is truly a gifted Reiki Therapist and Reiki Master. The knowledge of energy and healing that Mary clearly possesses is solidified in her wonderful treatments." BG
  • "Your intuitive wisdom, healing hands and tender loving care are such a gift at so many levels ...physically, emotionally and energetically." NM
  • "I have never felt such a profound sense of relaxation as I experienced during my Hypnosis session." GB
  • "I always look forward to having Mary work her magic on me." LR

NGHThe Cobourg Centre for Hypnosis

Mission Statement: "Consulting Hypnotists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques."

Accredited National Guild of Hypnotists Course (100 hours) will enable you to practice immediately upon graduation. Contact The Cobourg Centre for Hypnosis, 905-377-8585, for more information.

"I am thrilled that Mary is bringing her life and spiritual skills to teaching hypnosis - and add in her humor and warmth and you've chosen a terrific teacher - smart you!" Georgina Cannon



This guided meditation CD will help you quiet your mind and just, be still. And in this stillness, you are guided to connect to the Divine Spirit within you. Whatever you need has been prepared, the doors that need to open are in the process of opening, the way that is right for you will be shown. The answers you seek are being made available, the help you need is at hand and as you surrender to the silence, you will be Divinely Guided.


Drop by Drop

Coubourg Centre for Hypnosis

Rev. Mary McCandless, a licensed Wedding Officiant in Ontario, specializes in creating personalized and meaningful Wedding Ceremonies.

She is the recipient of WeddingWire's 2014, 2015 and 2016 Couples' Choice Award.

Recognizing that here in Canada, we have the ability to marry who we love based on mutual love and respect, Mary McCandless, performs civil, spiritual and non-denominational wedding ceremonies for inter-faith, multi-cultural and same-sex couples. All you need is love.

Rev. McCandless will also help you create your Baptism, Spiritual Christening, Civil Naming, Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life Ceremonies. 

Four Seasons Celebrations is located in the Heritage District of central Cobourg, The Manse is a lovely Victorian home perfect for special intimate occasions and celebrations; weddings and elopements baptisms, birthdays, girl getaways, bridal showers, receptions following memorials or celebrations of life and yes, even celebrations of divorce. Perfect for those looking for something a bit different or unique. Visit or call Mary directly at 905-377-8585 for more details.

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