Drop by Drop Essential Oil Blending Guide

drop-by-dropThis is NOT your ordinary, everyday Aromatherapy book.

This IS all you need to create therapeutic essential oil blends easily, effectively and most importantly, safely.

Drop by Drop Essential Oil Blending Guide is perfect for both the beginner and professional Aromatherapist.  This straightforward 400 page reference guide provides over 85 Essential Oil Charts and 245 Charts of the most common Symptoms/Conditions.

The ability to cross reference Symptoms/Conditions with the best choice of essential oils is what Aromatherapy is all about.  This Aromatherapy reference book contains detailed instructions of how EXACTLY how to match the health condition with the correct essential oils, along with How to Use Essential Oils, Safety Precautions and Blending Worksheets.

With more than three decades worth of experience in the field of Aromatherapy, Mary’s latest endeavor will without-a-doubt be a valuable resource for up-and-coming True Aromatherapists.   Sandra G. Topper, Professional Aromatherapist @ www.bespokeromatics.com

Master Healer, Mary McCandless, is a Professional Aromatherapist and an active member of the IFA, International Federation of Aromatherapists and the NAHA, National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists, residing in Cobourg, ON Canada.

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To purchase a copy of Drop by Drop Essential Oil Blending Guide visit www.masterhealer.ca.  If you prefer to purchase and pick up the book for $45, contact mary@masterhealer.ca or call 905-377-8585.