Healing with Crystals & Gemstone, Moonstone

As a Master Healer, my experience has shown that Moonstone has a positive effect on just about every symptom related to menopause. It has long been recognized and honoured as a healing crystal that truly resonates with the female energy and moderates the stresses of women throughout their many cycles of life from puberty through menopause.

Named for its resemblance to the moon, Moonstone is referred to as the feminine stone. However, don’t let the beauty of this iridescent Moonstone fool you. The energy of this feminine stone carries a lot of clout. It has the ability to do almost everything but scrub the floor and take out the garbage.

Moonstone is excellent for menopausal symptoms as it helps to balance the hormones, calming the roller coaster ride of your emotions, easing stress and anxiety. It also helps you to feel better about yourself from the inside out and who doesn’t need that?

How does it work Crystals have the ability to absorb energy, enabling them to clear the negativity of stress and anxiety, while balancing your body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The energy or vibration of the Moonstone helps to stimulate the endocrine system of the body.

The energy of this crystal Moonstone is exceptional as it resonates with all seven Chakras (the wheels of spinning energy inside the body) to promote healing.

Moonstone also helps to improve intuition, creativity and the ability to communicate. Moonstone crystals help you through life transitions and allow you to feel more grounded and in control. This collectively leads to an increase in your personal power. The history of Moonstone indicates that it is said to attract and enhance love relationships.

And yes, men can also benefit from Moonstone as it will help to balance the yin and yang or the male and female energies of the body.

To benefit from the healing energy of Moonstone, I believe it to be most effective to wear this crystal around your neck, close to your heart. As with most crystals, we want it to come directly in contact with the skin. If you choose to wear a Moonstone pendant, make sure the back of the jewelry is open to your body. You can also add it to your personal talisman or tuck a piece into your bra.

Remember, wearing crystals is a very personal thing. Its not about how it looks to someone else, it’s about how it feels to you. I wear my personal talisman under my clothes every day and notice a significant difference when I don’t wear it.

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