Overcome Fear with Hypnosis


I love the ocean and everything about it; swimming in it, feeling the spray on my skin, hearing the sound of the waves, seeing the endless colours or just breathing it in. And having spent the last month in the Hawaiian Islands, I am reminded of my very first experience with hypnosis.

I was newly married and visiting my husband’s family in Ann Arbour, Michigan, for the first time. Anxious to fit in, when it was suggested we should all see one of the most popular movies of the summer, I agreed. It wasn’t until we were approaching the theatre that I realized the movie was Jaws.

I had seen the trailers with severed limbs floating down through the water and I knew myself well enough to know that this was definitely NOT for me. After much cajoling, I gave in to peer pressure. From the beginning, I knew it was a mistake. For me, it was indeed off the chart horrifying.

The day after the movie, it was decided we should go for a swim in the lake. As the others rushed ahead, I found myself exceeding anxious about going into the water. Willing myself in, my feet attempted to move through the uneven floor of muck, seaweed, old pieces of wood and discarded bottles, which only increased my anxiety. Again, my new “friends” told me I was being silly. There definitely was nothing to be afraid of, especially in Lake Michigan. I could not be convinced.

Later that summer, I found myself in the office of a Hypnotist. I don’t really remember how this came about or who he was. However, after a few exercises to engage my imagination and quiet my conscious mind, I was ready.

It all seemed pretty easy. And, as I became more and more relaxed, positive suggestions were introduced to help me overcome my fear. I left the session feeling peaceful, calm and hopeful. The next time I visited the lake, I managed to get down the stairs on the dock and touch the water, but was still extremely frightened.

After two more visits to the hypnotherapist, I was able to not only enter the water, but swim. All in all, hypnosis became an extremely positive experience, one that enabled me to return to something I loved.

As a Master Hypnotist, I’ve had the opportunity to help others overcome their fears or phobias. All real, all terrifying; from dentists and needles, heights and flying, dying and sleeping, claustrophobia and panic attacks, public speaking and fear of success, and yes, even fear of terrorism.

My own experience and that of my clients, continues to fuel my enthusiasm for helping people heal naturally through hypnosis.

And as for Jaws, I say “Bite me.”

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