Let Love In…with Hypnosis


At some time in our lives, we create a protective wall around us because we have been hurt and are afraid. We create a mask to prevent people from seeing how wounded or vulnerable we actually are. We are afraid others will find we’re “not worthy” or “loveable” And, we begin to believe what we tell ourselves.

These feelings are based on irrational fear, so we push others away. We like to give the impression we are strong, confident and in control of our lives and we “don’t need anybody, thank you very much”.

From time to time, the mask may begin to slip, because holding it in place is exhausting.

No matter how long you have lived with this habit or pattern of telling yourself you’re not “good enough”, now it’s time to reconnect with the inner goodness you were born with and celebrate your innate capacity to love and “be loved”.

Through hypnosis, anything is possible. And when you’re ready, I can help you.

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