What is Intuition and How do I Develop It?

What is Intuition and How do I Develop It?

Intuition is an innate ability that we all possess. It’s a feeling or understanding of what’s true that comes from your subconscious or your inner voice.

It is not an analytical skill that comes from your conscious mind.   It is that part of you deep inside, the very center core of your subconscious mind that is logical, rational, cool and collected, calm and relaxed, clever and wise, your true Essence.

Some people refer to this as their inner guide or advisor. Others refer to this as their higher self or guardian angel. But regardless of the name, it has this incredibly special function of guiding you from within to continue to find your own way for self-actualization, your own way to learn the difference between past and present.

Intuition helps us survive by providing fast responses that usually offer an appropriate, immediate action to address a situation. It stimulates spiritual growth, connecting with the Divine, through intuition and clairsentience (a sense of knowing). It is all about getting used to information coming to you from a different source. Guidance comes from within and the more you listen and trust, the easier it becomes.

One way to develop intuition is to learn how to relax your mind and release the subconscious mind into the super-conscious. This can be done through hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, and other relaxation techniques.

At ChangingLivesHypnosis, Georgina Cannon & Mary McCandless, you will learn how to quiet your busy, critical conscious mind, connect to your inner guidance and develop your spirituality in many ways.

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