Andara Crystals

As a Master Healer, I recognize the therapeutic benefits/healing effects of crystals/gemstones and am delighted to have the opportunity to share exceptional quality crystals for their healing purposes.  I take great pride in my collection of crystals and the people who have provided me with unbelievable quality crystals over the years.

There are constantly new crystals being unearthed and it is through working with them, that we discover how they affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

As no two people are alike, the same applies to crystals.  Each crystal has its own personality and will have a different effect energetically.

For this reason, it is important for you to choose which crystal is right for you.

I was first introduced to Andara crystals upon a pilgrimage to Kauai where I noticed a small hand-made sign tucked into the bushes on the side of the road. I followed the sign and my intuition and found myself in front of a garage.  It was here that I met Mark of Kauai Gems for the first time and was introduce to a whole new world of unusual crystals, including Andara.

“Not a “crystal” in the true sense of the word, few crystals generate such intense controversy as Andara glass. Opinions are sharply divided, and many claims made. Some people believe it could be the Philosopher’s stone, a master cure-all with the highest vibration of any “crystal” yet found and powerful transformative qualities that stimulate channeling and access universal wisdom through connection with the highest levels of consciousness. To others, it is scrap glass from a rubbish heap. It depends on how your personal frequencies resonate or dissonant with the Glass.

Said to contain the prima–materia of the ancient alchemists, a combination of 70 minerals, Andara Glass was apparently found by a Native American shaman on a dump – claimed to be an ancient sacred site – near a vortex point in the High Sierra Mountains. Allegedly Andara Glass is infused with monoatomic elements of gold, silver, iridium, chrome and platinum and trace elements of iron, manganese, selenium, cobalt, copper, nickel, titanium and uranium, essential elements for health, well-being, and spiritual activation.

A protective stone Andara Glass guards against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution. In those who are attuned it, it clears negativity, activates, and aligns all the chakras and rapidly accelerates spiritual growth. Increasing the flow of energy around the meridians, it strengthens the bio magnetic field.

Myths has rapidly grown around this Glass. It is postulated to be an ancient healing stone of Atlantis and the Lemurian imbued with crystal codes and that considerable knowledge can be obtained about those civilizations. It facilitates a link to Archangel Michael, other Archangels, and ascended Masters. A stone of paradox and contradictions, it should be called the “make up your own mind” – or “try it and see”, as it is said to overcome doubts. An invaluable aid for assessing how you interact with a crystal rather than believing what you are told by an “expert”, it reminds us that we each have an equal valid opinion and that there is no right or wrong in crystal work, just different experiences according to how our awareness functions. Andara Glass is a useful receptacle for manifestation rituals.

Andara Glass has a centre core of tranquility that deepens meditation and placed on the back of the neck, acts as an alta major and soma chakra connector. Past, present, and future become one and you move with ease through time and beyond.  Each colour carries separate properties.   Green is a renewing stone that contains the fountain of youth while lilac or lavender connects to St. Germain and the Archangel Zadkiel, linking to the violet flame of transmutation and opening metaphysical gifts. Yellow-brown Shaman Andara resonates particularly well with those attuned to Reiki.

HEALING  Andara Glass is reputed to be a master healer restoring health and equilibrium. It works from the subtle bodies and the etheric blueprint to balance the physical body but may do whatever is asked of it.

POSITION  Hold, place or meditate with the stone as appropriate or disperse gem essence around the aura.”  Judy Hall, Crystal Bible 3

The Andara Crystals that I carry come from the Etherium Fields of the High Sierra Mountains of Northern California (the original find/source from over twelve years ago).