KYANITE Healing Properties

KYANITE Healing Properties

As a Master Healer, my experience has proven Kyanite to be perfect for promoting the ability to express oneself, speaking confidently, easily and effortlessly. This highly vibrational stone is ideal for wearing around your neck, as Kyanite has a definite calming influence and helps with the ability to focus.

Kyanite encourages positive energy as well, making it an excellent choice for people who are uncomfortable being in social settings or find themselves speaking in front of small or large groups; public speakers, teachers, businessmen, actors, etc.

Perfect for students doing homework or preparing for exams, Kyanite can be worn or simply placed on the desk to enhance concentration. When it comes time for taking an exam, again wear Kyanite around your neck or place it on the desk to achieve the desired effect.

With the stress levels that exist in day to day living, Kyanite is excellent for people who have so much on their minds, that the little things begin to feel impossible; finding your keys, your glasses, your car, etc. Women in the throes of menopause will find it to be especially helpful.

Kyanite’s restorative, healing energy helps the development of new ideas and thoughts, encouraging a feeling of lightness of mind and body. For those who feel “stuck” or unable to move forward, Kyanite is a perfect travelling companion in your life journey.

Kyanite is also excellent for attunement and meditation. Quieting your mind, it aligns with all the Chakras, removes energy blockages, helping you connect to your Guides, facilitating spiritual growth.

Kyanite has an amazing ability to cut off negativity. Archangel Michael’s sword is thought to be made of blue Kyanite. Margherita Crystal Lotus recommends to “hold a Kyanite blade in your hand and slowly remove any energetic cords and hooks stopping you from being in a relaxed and calm state’.

Kyanite comes in many colours, blue, green and a brownish black and although Kyanite is most recognized for opening the Throat Chakra, it is also helpful in the treatment of hearing disorders, eye problems and problems with sense of smell.

Kyanite never needs to be recharged.

Kyanite resonates with the number 4 and the Zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus and Libra. However, it can be worn or carried by anyone interested in its unique healing properties.