Hypnosis Re-Educates the Subconscious Mind

Healing Through Hypnosis

By Catherine Hawley, Women Without Offices
From: www.northumberlandtoday.com

Is hypnosis a viable treatment to help overcome fears, pain or other problems in life? According to Mary McCandless, Certified Master of Clinical Hypnosis, absolutely. The benefits one can experience from hypnosis can be life altering. Hypnosis refers to a peaceful state of mind or a meditative state in which the conscious mind is quieted and the subconscious mind becomes open to positive suggestions which can, literally, change your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behaviors. Hypnosis has many practical applications for anxiety, trauma, habit control, self-esteem, performance anxiety, recovery and more. I believe that when we use the power of our minds, we can do anything.

A warm, engaging and compassionate woman, with an infectious laugh and an innate sensitivity, McCandless strives to help people use the power of their mind to experience positive, lasting changes in life. And she takes her profession very seriously, saying “Unfortunately, misconceptions about hypnosis are rampant. This is definitely not a parlour game, nor an entertainment event. One does not lose control while in a trance, nor would you do anything you wouldn’t normally do.

She speaks from both experience and education. Her personal interest in hypnosis was a natural evolution. During her lengthy and successful career as a professional actress and singer in musical theatre, she realized she had a special gift for helping people to heal. Studying and practicing in several healing modalities eventually led her to explore hypnosis to overcome her own fear of water. And the rest, as they say “is history”.

McCandless studied to become a Consulting Hypnotist and a Licensed Clinical Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, each of which required a great deal of study and practical work, as well as providing very detailed case studies. Later she went on to become a Master Hypnotist and a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. It was a by-chance turn off the highway that brought her to Cobourg initially. She experienced such an affinity to the area that she decided to relocate from Toronto and open her home office on Albert Street, which she refers to as “Here, at the end of the rainbow”.

Some of the most common goals her clients arrive with include overcoming fears, eliminating anxieties and phobias, smoking cessation and dealing with weight Issues. “Often though,” she explains, “people come to me to work on one thing, but find that, through the process, other issues surface. Most often these ‘others’ are subconscious issues.

The theory of hypnosis is that many of the problems people struggle with have a subconscious base. Changing unwanted habits involves changing behavior patterns, but the subconscious also needs to learn ‘positive’ patterns and unlearn ‘stress’ patterns. Hypnosis re-educates the subconscious to feel, think and solve problems in healthier ways, and is extremely valuable for children too, helping them to improve concentration, develop self confidence, overcome bedwetting and many more concerns.”

To learn more about how hypnosis might help you, for a complimentary consultation or to schedule an appointment, you can reach McCandless at www.masterhealer.ca, (905) 377-8585 and at mary@masterhealer.ca

Author, Catherine Hawley, Certified Professional Organizer & Home Staging expert, specializes in extensive downsizing services for seniors and preparing homes for the real estate market. 905-375-6542, info@downsizingsolutions.ca & www.womenwithoutoffices.com