What is Colour Therapy?



Colour Therapy can create balance and harmony in your life and help you achieve success, both personally and professionally.

Colour effects every single part of our lives. It enhances our mood, lifts our spirits, affects our emotions and behaviour, while influencing the way we see ourselves and others. Colour also can effect our way of thinking, both on a conscious level and subconscious level.

Colour is light and light is the only energy we can see. If you hold a prism or crystal to the sun, it would result in a beautiful coloured rainbow of light. This visible light or energy has a healing effect on us.

There are hundreds of Energy centers in and around your body. We call these centers “Chakras” (pronounced “shock-ruhs”), which means “wheel” in Sanskrit. Normally, healers focus on seven or eight of the major chakras.

Each Chakra has a connection with strong colours and sounds (musical notes) that they both radiate and absorb. Some people are able to actually see auras or the energetic field that surrounds everything living thing.

In Colour Therapy, a trained therapist uses the colours of the spectrum to balance Chakra energy that is lacking in a person’s body whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Mary McCandless, Master Healer & Colour Therapist in Cobourg, incorporates Colour Therapy into Reiki or Spiritual healing treatments, often through the use of gemstones, crystals, prisms, candles or coloured silk fabrics.

If you’re interested in exploring the healing effects of colour on all aspects of your life, contact Cobourg’s Master Healer & Colour Therapist, Mary McCandless.